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We often say at The Community Transport Company that our volunteers are at the heart of our organiation, but that’s not the case for Woolgoolga resident Rex Holloway, he’s actually our life blood.

The veteran volunteer has been donating blood to the Australian Red Cross Blood Service for over 50 years and he is not stopping anytime soon.

“Donating blood started as a bit of a dare, from a couple of my mates, when I was 18. Back then donating was a little daunting, nothing like it is now, and once I started I realised what a difference it can make to people’s lives, so I just kept giving.” Mr. Holloway said.

And so he did, in fact, Rex has donated blood over 400 times in the past 50 years, as well as plasma and even giving his bone marrow.

“I’ll keep donating until they tell me to stop, it is a little act of kindness that anyone can do. I would encourage anyone who is healthy and fit to roll up their sleeve and do the same. I am also very proud to say that I am not the only volunteer from The Community Transport Company to donate, it is very pleasing to see other volunteers helping out.” he said.

Australian Red Cross Blood Service, Donor Centre Manager, John Sullivan said we are very grateful to people like Rex and other volunteers, who donate blood and plasma on a regular basis.

“It doesn’t take long and the personal satisfaction is very rewarding for people, we rely on people coming in on a regular basis to keep up supply,” Mr. Sullivan said.

“There are however, certain times of the year that supply drops off, and coming into the winter months is one of them.” he said.

So as it gets colder, just remember to make your appointment at the Australian Red Cross Blood Service in Coffs Harbour to donate, we know Rex will be there.

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